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SC holds co-brother of B. Ramalingam Raju could not be roped in Satyam Case

May 14, 2018[2018] 93 202 (SC)/[2018] 148 SCL 1 (SC)

SEBI - SC held that appellant could not be roped in Satyam case merely on ground that he was promoter of Satyam Computers and co-brother of B. Ramalinga Raju, main accused in Satyam case, especially when appellant was not involved in fraudulent manipulation

SEBI - Where B. Ramalinga Raju held more than 10 per cent interest in appellant company, appellant company was deemed to be a connected person under regulation 2(h)(ix) of PIT Regulations, appellant company was rightly roped in Satyam case in which B. Ramalinga Raju was main accused

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