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I Formation of LLP and Conversions
1 Name reservation for a new LLP
2 Obtaining Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN) for Designated Partners
3 Obtaining Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for Designated Partner
4 Prior Consent to act as a Designated Partner
5 Absence of LLP Agreement - Choice of business to be carried on
6 LLP Agreement for business to carry on Agriculture
7 LLP Agreement for business to carry on Mining
8 LLP Agreement for business to carry on Manufacture/Power Generation
9 LLP Agreement for business to carry on Defence Production
10 LLP Agreement for business to carry on Services listed for Service Tax
11 LLP Agreement for business to carry on as Common Carriers and Charterers of vehicles by Land, Sea and Air for Cargo and Tourists
12 LLP Agreement for business to carry on as Content Producers on e-carriers
13 LLP Agreement for business to carry on as Providers of Commercial Services
14 LLP Agreement for business to carry on Trading
15 LLP Agreement for business to carry on Financial Services
16 LLP Agreement for business to carry on Professional & Multi-Disciplinary Professional Services
17 Promotion and formation of a new LLP by an existing LLP
18 Filing of incorporation documents with Registrar for registration of a new LLP
19 Conversion from firm to LLP
20 Conversion from private company to LLP
21 Conversion from unlisted public company to LLP
22 Conversion of LLP into a registered company under Part IX of Companies Act, 1956
23 Ratification of LLP Agreement by Partners and the LLP on its registration
24 First Executive Committee Meeting of Designated Partners for adoption of common seal, opening of banking account, delegation of power, etc., after LLP’s formation
25 First General Meeting of Partners after LLP formation
26 Publication of name and limited liability by a LLP
27 Processing of RBI’s registration number, PAN and BIN, etc., for a newly formed LLP to commence business
28 Generation of business forms for LLP’s clients and formulation of LLP Rules for officers and staff of the new LLP, and approval by the Executive Committee of Designated Partners
II Foreign LLPs
29 A Foreign LLP that Established a place of business in India and a LLP formed abroad with no place of business established in India in relation to being a partner in a LLP
30 Foreign LLP - Establishment of a place of business in India - RBI Procedure for permission
31 Foreign LLP - Registration procedure with RoC, filing of documents
32 Foreign LLP/firms/companies - Reservation of existing name against allotment to any other LLP in India for 3 years
33 Foreign LLP - Annual filing of Accounts with RoC, NCT, Delhi
34 Foreign LLP - Filing return with Registrar, NCT-Delhi for basic alterations
35 Foreign LLP - Other alterations/closing down the place of business established in India - Filing return with Registrar, NCT-Delhi
36 Foreign LLP - Service of notice in India in default of notification of a person resident in India to Registrar, NCT-Delhi
III Partners’ Contributions
37 Partner’s liability of contribution in cash or equivalent at admission or later and the LLP’s duty to account
38 Partner’s contribution by way of non-cash
39 Enforcement of partner’s liability to contribute to LLP by LLP
40 Enforcement of Partner’s liability to contribute to LLP by its creditor
41 Treatment of payment towards LLP’s goodwill to a ceased partner as his share
IV Management of Changes
42 Change of ‘business’ by an existing LLP 
43 Change in LLP Agreement in an existing LLP
44 Change of name of an existing LLP by way of rectification order of Central Government/RoC
45 Application to Registrar for issue of name rectification order to an existing LLP
46 Voluntary change of name by an existing LLP
47 Admission of a new Partner by an existing LLP
48 Appointment of an additional Designated Partner in an existing LLP
49 Filling up a casual vacancy of Designated Partner
50 Change of partners in an existing LLP - Registration of changes with Registrar
51 Changes in particulars of designated partners in an existing LLP - Intimation of changes to the Central Government
52 Voluntary assignment or transfer of interest in the LLP by an existing partner
53 Transmission of interest of a partner in an existing LLP
54 Cessation of partnership interest by partner’s resignation
55 Expulsion of a partner in an existing LLP
56 Reduction of partners to one, below the legal minimum
57 Reduction of Designated Partners to one, below the legal minimum
58 Partner by ‘holding out’ by a stranger and the LLP
59 Partners and Designated Partners, extent of liabilities and indemnities
60 Unlimited liability and liability to pay compensation for fraud - Chuck measures
61 ‘Whistle Blowing’ - Application for reduction/waiver of punishment
62 Change in the location of registered office from place to place within the State
63 Change in the location of registered office to another State/Union Territory or within the State from the jurisdiction of one Registrar to that of another Registrar
64 Notification of additional address for speedy service of documents or notices on LLP and its constituents
V Management
65 Two designated partners to sign jointly on behalf of the LLP
66 Allocation of management functions as standing operating procedures (SOPs)
67 Annual Statement of Account and solvency - Its approval, authentification and filing with Registrar
68 Annual return made upto 31st March every year
69 Exercise of option to buy the share of outgoing partner by remaining partners and valuation
70 Partnerships and joint ventures with other individuals or entities
71 Violation of LLP Agreement conditions by partner(s)/designated partner(s) - Procedure for settlement through conciliation/arbitration
72 LLP borrowing outside, modes and limits
73 Partners/Designated Partners lending money to the LLP - Manner, limits and terms
74 LLP granting loans to partners and designated partners - Manner, limits and terms
75 Realisation of partners’ business obligations to LLP in the ordinary course of business
76 Off-loading of part of LLP’s business to partners
77 Off-loading part of Partners’ business to LLP
78 Non-compete obligation of partners in a LLP - Problem in operation
79 Acquisition and sale of fixed assets on behalf of LLP
80 LLP making investments outside its business
81 LLP opening branches in India/overseas
82 Appointment and discharge of officers and staff for the LLP - delegation of powers
83 Business risks management and policy : Insurance
84 LLP’s contributions - Political & Charitable
85 Show-cause notices and demands from Authorities, other litigation and enforcement of duty to make returns to Registrar, etc., under the Act
86 Reference to arbitration of LLP’s disputed claims and commencement of or compromises in or withdrawal of suits by the LLP
87 Procedure for decision-making at LLP meetings
88 Decision making without meeting - Circular resolutions
89 Maintenance of minutes and records - Custody and inspection
90 Taxes and general compliance with applicable labour, safety and environment laws - Responsibility for
91 Appointment of consultants and Advisors
92 Compliance with obligations of LLP under the LLP Act and Rules - Responsibility for
93 Designated Partners’ remuneration and compensation for loss of office for premature termination
94 Reimbursement of costs and expenses met by promoter(s) for getting up and registering the LLP, authority to approve and pay
95 Reimbursement of costs and expenses met by partners and designated partners in connection with LLP’s work, authority to approve and pay
96 Partners/Designated partners Holding meetings by tele-conferencing - Manner and method of record-keeping
97 Appointment of sole agents for the LLP
98 In-door settlement of complaints of oppression or unfairly prejudicial conduct of LLP’s business
99 Opposition of and representation in complaints against the LLP/partners/designated partners for offences against the Act under section 76
100 Compounding
101 Appeals
102 Emergency powers of partners
VI Structural changes of LLP
103 Compromise or arrangement of LLPs with creditors
104 Compromise or arrangement with partners
105 Reconstruction or amalgamation of LLPs
VII Investigation
106 Appeal against Investigation ordered suo motu by Tribunal/CLB/Court
107 Opposing investigation sought by one-fifth partners
108 LLP seeking investigation of its affairs
109 Opposing Inspector’s appointment by Central Government
110 Co-operation with and assistance to inspectors
111 Opposing investigation of relevant or associated entities
112 Search and seizure of books, papers and records
113 Authentification of copy of Inspector’s report
114 Launch of prosecution by Central Government
115 Recovery of damages or property
116 Expenses of Investigation
117 Winding up of LLP by Court/Tribunal consequent to investigation
VIII Winding Up & Dissolution
118 LLP seeking its own winding up by Tribunal/Court
119 Opposing LLP’s winding up petition at the instance of others
120 Voluntary winding up of a LLP by partners
121 Voluntary winding up of a LLP by creditors
122 Invoking Registrar’s power to strike off LLP’s name as defunct
123 Dissolution deed providing for distribution of LLP’s other assets in kind inter se the partners
124 Sale of LLP’s name consequent to its dissolution or of its name being struck off by Registrar
125 Application to declare dissolution void
IX Revival & Rehabilitation of LLP
126 Revival & Rehabilitation of LLPs
X Removal of difficulties
127 Application to Central Government seeking removal of difficulties faced under the LLP Act
XI Electronic Filing
128 Electronic Filing of Documents/Applications etc.